How to Use Lifelines

to Fix Knitting Mistakes

How to Fix Knitting Mistakes with Lifelines | Simple Tutorial for Using Proactive Lifelines

I personally find that (proactive) lifelines are the easiest way to undo any knitting mistake. For beginners who are afraid to knit because of not knowing how to fix any mistakes that could arise, it is especially handy.

You place a 'lifeline' into your knitting every so often, as you knit, in anticipation of making a mistake. Then, if you do make an error, you can easily unravel your knitting back to where you placed the lifeline, and resume knitting from there.

The downside with this sort of knitting 'fix' is that you have to keep placing them into your work at regular intervals, because if you wait until you've already made a mistake, it becomes a lot more complicated to do (i.e. you have to do a reactive lifeline instead). I hope this video helps you, especially if you're a beginner who worries about what to do if mistakes occur

So what does this mean when it comes to reading knitting charts?

Well, it means that on a flat knitting chart, there will be a pattern for both the 'right' and 'wrong' sides of the item you are knitting, whereas on a circular knitting chart, the pattern is only shown for the 'right' side of your knitting.

That's why you have to convert knitting charts; flat knitting & circular knitting charts are not laid out in the same way. Conversion is quite simple though, as I show below.

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