DIY Light Bulb Bugs

I had a couple of worn-out light bulbs and was wondering what to do with them, and as usual when faced with this dilemma, I ended up browsing the internet for ideas. I spotted a light bulb someone had painted to look like a bug and had stuck washers onto it for eyes, and it was pretty cute.

However, I couldn't really find many examples, nor instructions on the how to make them myself. So I decided to make my own instead :)

Not only do you end up with cute ornaments you can keep in your home (or garden), but they're fun to make and they're a creative way to recycle your bulbs.

These are the 3 I made first:

The first two bugs are a spider and a simple little insect, and you can find the instructions for those in the following video:

You can find the tutorial for the beaded-wing dragonfly bug on my Skillshare channel by clicking the image below:

*     *     *

And the final insect I made is really easy and doesn't even need any can find it over on Instructables by clicking this image:

I hope these tutorials will give you lots of ideas for you to make your own!

A D V E R T I S E M E N T :